“At My Door the Leaves are Falling”

Fall color was replaced this week by “leaf drop” of many green leaves before they turned. Rapid decreases in temperatures and drought conditions convinced trees to cut their losses. These are leaves from nature-planted woods nearby.

Some trees are known for dropping many of their leaves at once in fall. We happened to walk by this cottonwood tree in Lewis & Clark Recreation Area to experience the Autumn process for which the season is named.

Many of the native grasses produce seeds about this time in fall. These are little bluestem.

When raking leaves and removing dead materials, it’s easy to spot plants bearing seeds. These alliums are ready to disperse.

Native grasses are beginning to show red and blue pigments now.

The lime-colored barberry from summer displays their anthocyanins of fall.

The last perennial flowers that remain this season in our yard are cherry Gaillardias. 

Few flower options are left for the last bees of the season. Plenty else to experience on a fall weekend. Thanks for stopping by Plant Exchange Blog. We hope you have a fine fall weekend!

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