Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–November 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains (USDA Hardiness Zone 4-5a). Colorful leaves have fallen along with temperatures, and some trees begin to adjust to temperate dormancy, from which they awaken as spring approaches about April or May. Time for good books.

This morning, the weather app that usually forecasts many possible events forgot to announce a surprise snow dusting, one of the first of the season. Walking the dog, we found these tracks. The question is: Why did the turkeys cross the road? Comments welcome.

Perhaps the turkeys were looking for flowers today too. The only plant in bloom here and now is a potted camellia. After the flower matures, the petals fall like roses, collecting beneath the small camellia shrub. Camellia fragrance is wood and spice.

Posts are available to see past flowers of this season. When you are ready to visit other garden bloggers’ flowers, proceed to Carol’s link at May Dreams Gardens. Find her November 15th post, and at the end of it will be the list of garden bloggers waiting to show you blooms galore.

 We wish you many chances to enjoy your holidays.

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