Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-April 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota on the Northern Plains, USDA Hardiness Zone 4b-5a. Winter has been a lingering guest this year, but looking for the first signs of Spring is always worthwhile.

Our first daffodil of the season is ready to bloom.

Hellebores, usually in flower at least a half month ago, are beginning to awaken.

Peony buds are swelling.

Monarda planted last season is returning. We intend to add more of the ‘Jacob Kline’ Monarda this year as a hardy perennial that attracts pollinators and has showy blooms.

Herbaceous shrub-like False Spirea is an early riser whose foliage adds to other flowering plants.

See what's in bloom on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

A few trees are beginning to bud and we await the green haze of new leaves soon.

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog today. We invite you to see our past Garden Blogger Bloom Day posts and other topics of interest. Do visit again.

If you are ready to see what’s in bloom across the United States and some other countries, the next stop today is Carol at May Dreams Gardens in Indianapolis. She will show you her plants. At the end of her post on April 15th, note the list of garden bloggers waiting to show you plants. Here’s the link to her garden:

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