Memories at the Start of Summer

Memorial Day holiday is a time for honoring those who died in service to our country. Traditions include decorating graves and remembering all who have passed away. Celebrations begin the summer season.

In this region, the long-lived perennial peony is often in bloom in late May and associated with the holiday. Once established in a location with wind protection and adequate moisture, the hardy peony weathers most conditions with little extra care. This peony, planted about five years ago is an example.

Peonies are one marker for the memory and celebration of Memorial Day.

A wise gardener chose to plant a peony in a country graveyard that receives little attention besides grass mowing and ceremonial flags for Memorial Day. My Mother-in-law planted a peony for her parents and brother that greets us with buds or flowers as we decorate the graves in northern South Dakota. The peony has bloomed there for fifty years. 

Remembering and celebration wishes for all this holiday!

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