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A Look at Our Container Plants

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. This week features a look at our container plants. Today is August 11th, a mild summer day with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 60’s. This is quite appreciated after weeks of very hot weather. Join us in the video below to see how container plants are doing … Continue reading

Grow Plants Well So They Produce Well

Vegetable and flower gardens are growing, but there’s always a spot that could use a second planting, such as space that opens after radishes are done in hot weather. LaDawn Remington of Yankton is an experienced gardener who shares how she grows plants from seed so they are healthy and yield produce. This is a … Continue reading

Another Look at Spring

Spring is a busy time for garden procrastinators at Plant Exchange. Now, by the calendar and by daily temperatures, summer is near.  For now, let’s cherish the colors of spring a moment longer. Containers of potted bulbs have been cold-treated to bloom in season outdoors. They added color at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha … Continue reading

It’s June

  Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. A new month in growing season is here! Around us we see beautiful gardens at the local community garden. Beans up, potatoes growing and  many transplants in. In fact, that thinking ahead was the inspiration of this harvest photo. But here at Plant Exchange, it’s time to be realistic. … Continue reading

Tulips and their Care

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog! Each week we feature plants of the Northern Plains region and people who grow them. Tulips are one the icons of spring in many parts of the country. Photo below was taken today. In our USDA Zone 4-5a, we are still having close to frost conditions occasionally but the weather … Continue reading

Growing Micro-Greens

Not so fresh salads of early spring and wish to plant something were reason enough to try growing salads indoors. Find a site with enough light to sustain growth of young plants. Artificial lights work, but not as well as sunlight in a south-facing window. Later in the season when sunlight is more direct, an … Continue reading

Petunia Plant Tips

Lisa Kortan, City of Yankton Forester, also selects annuals for use in planters and flowerbeds around Yankton each growing season. She looks for plant varieties that are attractive, tolerate a wide range of conditions and require little extra care. Comments from other professionals and the public let her know that picks from last summer were … Continue reading

Best 2016 Trial Plants at McCrory Gardens

Want to see annuals that performed best at McCrory Gardens last season? Dr. David Graper, South Dakota State University Extension horticulturist has trialed annuals at McCrory Gardens in Brookings, South Dakota for many years. See the annuals that performed best last season at the “IGrow South Dakota State University” website. Here is the link to … Continue reading

Great Place to Share Flowers

Marlene Johnson chooses lots of color in the annuals for her planters and in her flowerbeds. Her generosity extends to her welcoming yard, highlighted with color next to the street for all to enjoy. While she says she’s no master gardener, her plant methods show her skills. You’re invited to her yard where she shows … Continue reading

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Plant Exchange! See you next year in our weekly blog about plants of the Northern Plains and people who grow them. Thank you loyal “Followers” and thanks all for the “Likes” you send in your favorite posts.