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Our One-of-a-Kind Garden

Gardening is sustainable when it supplies the irreplaceable taste of sun-ripened tomatoes at your place this summer. As well as yielding other benefits, gardening is also a creative expression. Even planting a seed catalog pre-planned garden where no flowers grew before! Our own creative garden, no matter its form or size, expresses something about us. … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

Siouxland Garden Show goes digital. The free speaker presentations from the canceled Siouxland Garden Show will be live using Zoom every Friday in April. Thanks to Iowa State University Extension for letting us know! There will be no charge for our digital version this year. We wanted to find a way to still provide research-based garden … Continue reading

Earth Awakens

First signs of spring are the most memorable. It makes winter yard clean up almost fun! Finding a perennial that emerges to grow again fills me with hope. In this world, being among the first is a kind of vulnerability that many plants avoid. After all, here at Plant Exchange Blog, we will probably reach … Continue reading

Houseplants Add Pep

Too early to lounge outdoors here. It’s about eight weeks before the last frost when starter plants and houseplants needing rejuvenation are taken outdoors. What can we do with houseplants to add pep to our indoor surroundings now? Rearrange houseplants. Consider moving plants to different rooms where light is better as the angle of the … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day March 15th

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day tribute to the Irish and all! Plant Exchange Blog has a camellia in bloom for you on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! We wish you the best in the year ahead. Enjoy your browse by topic or individual post here at Plant Exchange Blog. When ready to see what Carol Michel in … Continue reading

Celebrating Greens

We celebrate greens of all ethnicities the whole week at Plant Exchange Blog! One way we celebrate is watching seeds turn to salad greens when it’s too cold to grow them outdoors in spring or fall. Though a south-facing windowsill will do, we use the same fluorescent bulb lights that will help starter plants grow … Continue reading

Regional Plant Related Event

Spring Fling is canceled due the concerns for the public.   Missouri Valley Master Gardeners of the Yankton, South Dakota area  host 2020 Spring Fling  Chris Schlenker of McCrory Gardens in Brookings presents “New Plant Varieties & Trial Review at McCrory Gardens”  See and hear about some of the newest annuals from zinnias to tomatoes, … Continue reading

Regional Plant Related Event

This event has been canceled due to concern for the virus.   Dakota Prairie Master Gardeners Yard and Garden Workshop Lunch/Activities/Silent Auction/Potting table (how-to demo) Saturday, April 4, 2020 Registration, lunch and all activities $25 9a – 3p St. Lawrence Community Church in St. Lawrence, SD (near Miller, SD) For more information contact:

Not Yet Spring Thaw

A receding Arctic blast reminds us that Spring thaw is many weeks away. It’s evident when trying to retrieve a bit of last season’s potting soil for a houseplant. It’s stored outdoors. Not only is the loose potting soil frozen solid, but the scoop is hard frozen in the mixture too! We can still think … Continue reading

Your Flowers for the Season

If you like to grow flower starter plants or think about your first greenhouse selections, seed catalogs are helpful as you plan for the new season.  We all have inclinations with color and foliage. Part of the fun with plants is making your choices. At Plant Exchange Blog, you might guess we like yellow flowers. … Continue reading