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Good, Too Bad and a Bit Ugly

In late August in the Yankton Community Gardens the past six years, you’d expect to find gardeners and lots of produce. In fact, there’s a diversity of vegetables and fruits here: Tomatoes, potatoes, string beans, broccoli, onions, cucumber, cabbage, watermelon, eggplant, dill, sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, beets, and flowers. Really, what more could a gardener … Continue reading

Community Gardeners Play Forward

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog where we share about plants of the region and people who grow them! Thanks for all the “Likes” and loyal “Followers” who are so important to Plant Exchange Blog. Harvest is only one of the treasured moments at the sixth season of Yankton’s community gardens. This article was originally published … Continue reading

Volunteers Create Success For Community Gardens

Community gardens in Yankton have been a winner for lots of Yankton gardeners with all 216 plots providing home-grown vegetable, fruits, and flowers for gardeners. Healthy Yankton, a group of local organizers with support of their firms, and a lot of other volunteers are gearing up for a new season. Take a look at comments … Continue reading

‘A Chance To Help Others’

Beth Preheim of Yankton combines growing fresh produce, healthy lifestyle, and hosting women and children as they visit inmates in the area at the Emmaus House. She and her husband Michael Sprong own and operate the hospitality house. She combines her gardening interests with making her guests welcome and cared for by including plants near … Continue reading

Community Garden Conversation With Coral Huber

Coral is a gardener you’d hope to have your plot located near at the community gardens. She’s a skilled gardener. Her amazing peppers this season included these Alma Paprika that are turning red in this photo. She dries them for spice in her food dehydrator. In her feature, she describes ways she uses concrete reinforcing … Continue reading