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Dibbles and Bits

A reader shares a tip about seed-starting with benefits anytime you plant this season. An article on design for outdoor container gardens has a practical bent. An overlooked ironwood tree is highlighted. All subjects in the June 2023 Fine Gardening magazine are available for browsing at the Yankton Community Library. We bring our twist to today‚Äôs Plant Exchange Blog. >>>Tiny seeds can be hard … Continue reading

Deconstructing Container Gardens For Winter

Among container plants from last season are some that we’d like to try to overwinter. Space is always an issue. Evelyn Schindler is a skilled and thrifty gardener who has learned how to keep some plants for next season while paring down the rest. In this grouping she has overwintered copper plant (left) cuttings and … Continue reading

Deconstructing Container Gardens For Winter

Evelyn Schindler of Yankton has a skilled eye for plant design and she uses it when selecting plants for containers. Note the simplicity of line and color in this container. She does not apply the common adages of “three” kinds of plants or bold color among neutrals here. Read more about her containers below. Share … Continue reading