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Camellias Bloom in Winter

I’m a fan of the camellia, also called the rose of winter. Blooms appear between September and May according to the species and cultivar. Pictured is Camellia japonica, a common species. Flowers can be pink, white, or red. Flowers and leaves may be variegated. Blooms form along the branches of the woody shrub. Leaves stay … Continue reading

Before Fall Plant Tips

Joann Fensel Ries of Fensel’s Greenhouse & Flower Shop in Freeman, SD (605) 925-4204,  has tips to extend the beauty of your flower season such as these pansies and get your favorite perennials ready for fall. Thanks for your visit. Hope you visit our Plant Exchange Blog each week as many share their enjoyment and … Continue reading

These Amazing Plants

These snack sweet peppers are about 3 inches long and turn from green to red as you see. They grow well in containers with weekly watering if indoors (in winter) and according to conditions outdoors in the growing season. These plants have supplied us with year round peppers. Probably several seed companies sell seed but … Continue reading

Deconstructing Container Gardens For Winter

Among container plants from last season are some that we’d like to try to overwinter. Space is always an issue. Evelyn Schindler is a skilled and thrifty gardener who has learned how to keep some plants for next season while paring down the rest. In this grouping she has overwintered copper plant (left) cuttings and … Continue reading

Deconstructing Container Gardens For Winter

Evelyn Schindler of Yankton has a skilled eye for plant design and she uses it when selecting plants for containers. Note the simplicity of line and color in this container. She does not apply the common adages of “three” kinds of plants or bold color among neutrals here. Read more about her containers below. Share … Continue reading

Deconstructing Container Gardens For Winter

Evelyn Schindler of Yankton positions planters among flowerbeds and with other ornamentation as focal points around the yard during the season. Here she made a plant container for a fern in her collection with a near antique stove base. Read about her container overwintering techniques. Comment if you wish. Thanks for your visit. This is … Continue reading