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Grow Sunflowers in Containers

Sunflowers and the sunny outdoors in summer go together. Sunflowers are easy to grow when direct seeded into flowerbeds. Seed catalogs advertise some sunflowers as having features for growing in containers. Plant them after the danger of frost is past. With 6-8 hours of sunlight a day, even the tallest sunflowers will mature, bloom, and … Continue reading

Debbie’s Container Plants Ideas

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog. We feature gardeners and professionals who grow plants of the USDA Zone 4 – 5a region and they share plant ideas with us. Debbie Roberts of Yankton has container gardened for years. She combines various size containers of plants with flowerbeds as she highlights areas of her yard … Continue reading

Deck Container Plants

Container gardening enables us to vary colors and change the area of focus by moving pots. Containers can be placed in the right location for sunlight in our yard. We can grow plants in containers when we don’t have flowerbed space. Plants can be grown on protected decks in pots where they would be lunch … Continue reading

These Amazing Plants

Who wouldn’t want sweet peppers growing on your deck at easy picking reach? Thing about these plants is that this is the second season for them in this container. I brought them indoors last fall to extend the season. To my surprise, although they did slow flowering and producing peppers, this continued all winter indoors. … Continue reading

Containers For A Standout Yard

Terry Winter of Yankton was a fan of tropical plants for container gardens before the current interest in banana trees and bromeliads. Succulents are one of his current favorites. Notice the bold pot he contrasts with the plants’ neutral or light color. Find out more about his container creations in the following story. Your comments … Continue reading