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Wind Down Summer Tips

What’s going on with this container garden? It could be titled “Where’s the chair?” We sat with friends on the deck and I noticed that the space between people and plants had grown much smaller since August. We have had a robust growing season for these annuals. Late July was when this plant was trimmed … Continue reading

End of Summer Plant Tips

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. We share weekly about plants of the greater region and people who grow them. One of our fall favorites in our region is the perennial aster. Pollinators like these plants too. This year asters began blooming in August instead of September. We’re sure we have more summer left, but some … Continue reading

End Of Summer Plant Tips

Welcome to Plant Exchange! Here we share about what’s growing on the Northern Plains, USDA Zone 4-5a and the people who grow the plants. Please join us for this weekly blog. If you don’t want to miss a post, consider becoming a “Follower.” We appreciate the “Likes” that show us people are interested in the … Continue reading