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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-June 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains (USDA zone 4b-5a). Summer temperatures are beginning to roll over the short spring. Peonies have been beautiful this year. This flower and a shrub of white peonies are still blooming. The flowers are as beautiful and short-lived on the plant and as cut arrangements.  There’s always … Continue reading

Plant Markers of Spring–May 15th

Lilacs have leafed out and are reaching full bloom as spring conditions improve, quite a remarkable plant sustainability trait. Lilacs line the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area along the Missouri River near home in a USDA 4-5a hardiness zone. Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota. Fall planted spring bulbs such as daffodils and … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-March 15th

 Oh, beautiful shamrock, with deep-hued, three-parted leaves. You’re a bit of a sham, a look-alike to Irish clover shamrocks.  Native to southern South America, the perennial Purple Shamrocks (Oxalis triangularis)  may be grown outdoors in light shade above USDA Hardiness Zone 8.  As a potted houseplant, a group of the small Oxalis bulb-like corms each … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–February 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains. Nothing blooming, inside or out today. Instead, let’s pay tribute to the native sunflower in the season to come. The Sunflowers By Mary Oliver in Devotions, 2017 Come with me    Into the field of sunflowers.       Their faces are burnished disks,          Their dry spines creak like ship masks, … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October 15th

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog about plants and people who grow them. Today, and around the 15th of each month is “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.” We show you what illustrates the beauty of plants at this time. In South Dakota we are in USDA Zone 4-5a, and some would say a wider range … Continue reading