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A Summer In The Garden

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. As we celebrate the bounty of the season, what is more fitting than to visit with area gardeners who helped their gardens grow! Yankton’s community gardens were buzzing with activity in mid summer. About 220 garden plots produced plenty of fruits and vegetables and meant a lot to the gardeners … Continue reading

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Triebal House Gardens use the garden plans of 1759 for its gardens in Old Salem where daily life of that period is re-enacted in period buildings of the settlement in Winston Salem, North Carolina. For gardeners of today, we use some methods that gardeners of centuries before found worthwhile. For an article on garden methods … Continue reading

How Does Your Garden Grow?

In early October at Old Triebal House Gardens in Winston Salem, North Carolina, these last succession planting of beans grow in raised, borderless beds. Multiple plants grow in the beds instead of single plants in rows. Garden methods seen here in this garden planted from 1759 plans are also the basis for “square foot” gardening … Continue reading

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Notice the branches for fall peas to climb. This is current “natural” garden tip is a technique used in the 1759 Triebal House garden plans in Winston Salem, North Carolina. See the article that tells more about garden methods passed down through time and gardener experiences. Please comment if you wish and see other topics … Continue reading

‘A Chance To Help Others’

Beth Preheim of Yankton combines growing fresh produce, healthy lifestyle, and hosting women and children as they visit inmates in the area at the Emmaus House. She and her husband Michael Sprong own and operate the hospitality house. She combines her gardening interests with making her guests welcome and cared for by including plants near … Continue reading