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Harvest Your Beans

After the work of planting and weeding an edible garden, the vegetables and fruit are part of the reward. We can’t wait to taste the first tender green beans.  At Plant Exchange, near the beginning of August, beans have been producing well for a month. The bean plant produces seed, and if we harvest beans … Continue reading

Dibbles and Bits

This week we have several short plant topics at Plant Exchange. Below you will see how Marlene Johnson stores garden tools by her backdoor entrance to her yard. The next tip comes from Dr. John Ball, South Dakota forester. He shares tips for getting  a oak tree germinated from acorn seeds you collect. Another is … Continue reading

Water-Wise Tips That Enhance Decor

In this Tucson area yard, agave and cactuses are positioned apart as specimen plant in a bed with water supplied by drip irrigation. Plants are light-colored and reflect summer heat. Pea gravel mulch retains moisture. Natural stones enhance the bed with shape, color, and texture. Number of plants in this bed are modest, compared to … Continue reading

Water-Wise Tips That Enhance Decor

Besides privacy in this Tucson area backyard, the wall enclosure protects plants from drying winds and provides some shad on hot summer days. A raised bed with irrigation is in use. Tropical plants that typically require extra water are confined to containers in an area where they may be easily watered. See more items. This … Continue reading

‘An Easy Way To Garden’

Ruth Ann Grimm of Crofton Nebraska uses principles of square foot gardening and simple solutions for productive raised bed gardens. Here she found that hog gates secured with steel fence posts added the climbing area she needed to maximize garden space. See her story and share your comments if you wish. Visit other Plant Exchange … Continue reading