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Add a Little Spice

At Plant Exchange blog, the asters of fall are now memory, and houseplants are a source of winter green. The remainder of plant activity indoors, occurs under fluorescent light on a table.┬áHerbs pots are here, as they grew outdoors from starter plants this summer. They include sage, front and center, and clockwise, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, … Continue reading

Herbs for Food and Ornamental Accents

Gardening vegetables give us summer treats of fresh grown, hand-picked produce. We may choose to enhance flavors of the produce with fresh herbs too. Herbs personalize our food. Herbs can also be grown as ornamentation or for edible beauty in a flowerbed. Some perennial herbs for this region include chives, garlic chives, allium, oregano and … Continue reading

Herbs Fresh All Winter

Mary Ann King of Yankton is an avid gardener who grows culinary herbs. Some gardeners harvest extra herbs from the garden in fall, while others grow herbs in containers that they bring indoors in winter. If you have a few extra herbs, Mary Ann shows you how to dry or freeze them for future use. … Continue reading