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Photo Tips And Tricks

Pat Hansen, an accomplished landscape photographer who won “Best of Show” in the 2014 “Mighty Mo Photo Show” sponsored by Yankton Area Arts, has some tips for the point and shoot photographers who want to remember the best of the garden and indoor plants ┬áin photos. Of course, some of these pointers can be applied … Continue reading

Capture Your Flowers In Photos

Pat Hansen, landscape photographer in Yankton, has some basic points to make about the plant photos you take to treasure. One of her suggestions is about the position of your main object in your photo. She uses the two examples below in her photos of tulips to illustrate her point. She says that positioning the … Continue reading

Capture Your Flowers In Photos

Pat Hansen of Yankton is a landscape photographer. She’s learned from lots of photo experience how to recognize the photos you want to keep. She begins in the backyard with a point and shoot camera and gives tips throughout the story about her work and capturing better shots. I tried to use her suggestions and … Continue reading