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McCrory Gardens Welcomes Fall

McCrory Gardens in Brookings, South Dakota, has been in bloom for visitors this season since the tulips of spring. But in October, the native prairie flowers and maturing grasses define the 25 acres of botanical gardens in the vision of Harvey Dunn’s painting (1950), “The Prairie is My Garden.”  Dunn’s painting of the South Dakota … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-July 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. We’re along the Missouri River on the southern edge of South Dakota on the Northern Plains, USDA Zone 4 and 5. We have high temperatures in the 90’s, like some other areas. This season, a goal is to add more colorful perennials to flowerbeds. I enjoy trying to grow some … Continue reading

Trees for the Prairie

Greenhouses burst with alluring annuals for our gardens. If these flowers were wearable, we might consider them jewelry, and the trees that anchor our yards as fundamental as the black dress.  Trees and shrubs add a vertical shape to the area above the annuals and perennials in a yard. Trees can be the welcoming presence … Continue reading

Talents You Didn’t Know You Had

Meet Sandy and Jake Hoffner of Yankton, who take on difficult landscape challenges, solve them and then personalize their truly vertical backyard. This is how their backyard looks after all the challenges you’ll read about have been met. Sandy says that there are 71 steps up the hill from the Adirondack up the hill to … Continue reading

Landscape You Want

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog we share about plants and people who grow them. Greetings to new and loyal “Followers” and all who send “Likes” that sweeten the day! When we spend time landscaping the yard, we want a successful outcome. We want to achieve the picture we have of how the yard … Continue reading

Landscape You Want

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog where we feature plants of the Northern Plains and people who grow them. Now is a good time to think about how we want our outdoor spaces to look for next season. This article appeared in the January 8th “Plant Exchange” of the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper. … Continue reading

Lots To Inspire Gardeners At Lauritzen Gardens

Gardening ideas are everywhere at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. The new conservatory and indoor winter displays add a fourth season to enjoy their plants. I visited the gardens in mid fall and found these outdoor gardening inspirations. Growth timing to stage asters and mums at peak maturity is a nursery art. Plants grown from … Continue reading

Board Members

Lois Quatier of Yankton is a gardener and hobby painter. She and her granddaughters created “board people” for a project they did together along Quatier’s natural wood fence. She started her project with extra fence boards that fitted exactly into the empty spaces in the two-sided fence. They painted and decorated each board person in … Continue reading