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Protect Our Nature

We often watch for stop-over Monarch butterflies as they migrate south in August – October in this region. They show us that animals (and plants) need a suitable place to live. In our Northern Plains location of the middle-United States Monarch flyway to Mexico, September is a good month for Monarch sightings. Native Agastache is … Continue reading

A Pollinator Question

On this mild 81-degree F. day in early September, the significant needs of viable plants in our yards and gardens are being met. Let’s consider a topic that may impact harvest. Vines of cucumbers and squash in the home garden have had many flowers this season and unusually few vegetables. Are there enough pollinators? Mosquitos … Continue reading

A Place Butterflies Call Home

Staff at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area decided to install butterfly habitat and native grasses to encourage more Monarch and other butterflies to the state park for the enjoyment by visitors. Of course, what benefits the Monarch also helps the environment for all. Butterflies need food, shelter, and safety while they go through their life … Continue reading