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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day—January 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains, USDA Hardiness Zone 4-5a. Snow, cold, and fluctuating temperatures outside result in plants wintering in dormancy or adapting antifreeze features. Blooming plants are uncommon until at least near spring. While blooms are hard to find outdoors now, indoors, some enjoy the challenge of continuing care for … Continue reading

Dibbles and Bits

This week we have several short plant topics at Plant Exchange. Below you will see how Marlene Johnson stores garden tools by her backdoor entrance to her yard. The next tip comes from Dr. John Ball, South Dakota forester. He shares tips for getting  a oak tree germinated from acorn seeds you collect. Another is … Continue reading

What Are Your ‘Tried & True’ Flowers?

Mary Albrecht of Yankton shared her care tips for African violets in “Plants Bring Joy To The Day” article that you may want to read. African violets are considered easy care indoor plants. Below are additional tips from Purdue University on how to keep these tried and true flowers growing and blooming. What are your … Continue reading

Houseplant Tips

Jan Byrkeland, manager of Hy-Vee Floral in Yankton, makes a point about winter care of the average houseplant that is often overlooked: Due to quality and amount of light in winter, most houseplants have slower growth than at other times of the year. Reduced growth should impact our care of houseplants over the winter. See … Continue reading

Family Summer On The Rock

No time like now to think about landscape plans. Tim and Rita Butler are self-proclaimed do-it-yourselfers guided by their plan and family enthusiasm to make yard improvements. It’s just that they implemented their landscape plan designed by their daughter with family help during the hottest drought in near history. See what they decided to do … Continue reading

Spring Plant Tips For Dry Regions

Korey Mensch of Mensch Greenhouse, Inc. of Avon is a commercial grower of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and vegetables. Mensch Retail Greenhouse and Flower Shop is located on Hwy 50 at Pine St. in Avon. (605) 286-3638 Thanks to Korey Mensch for tips on plant selection and care for dry conditions of our region: 1) You … Continue reading