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Where Do Tomatoes Originate?

Welcome to a couple of “Dibbles and Bits” at Plant Exchange blog. The first is about the origin of tomatoes, followed by what influences the Ginkgo tree to live so long. The quest for the tastiest and then largest tomato is part of the garden season lore.  Finding the “roots” of tomatoes may help in … Continue reading

Tomatoes are Ripe

Waiting for the first garden-ripened tomatoes for sandwiches is worth the anticipation! Twice this week! Plenty of bacon, lettuce, mayo, and a tomato slice that covers the bread, and extra napkins for the juice, fit the meal. Full-size tomatoes are the last to ripen fruits or vegetables in this garden. They are a versatile staple … Continue reading

A Gardner’s Favorite Tomatoes

Tomatoes are widely grown as edibles. Gardeners grow them commonly in gardens or containers, so they are a fit for the smallest sunny deck or backyard garden. Beth Preheim of Yankton is an experienced gardener and has had a plot at the Yankton community gardens since they opened to the public five years ago. Preheim … Continue reading

Grow Just Enough And Avoid The Waste

Growing tomatoes for the conditions where you live is the topic Beth Preheim of Yankton talks about in the article below. For her it’s all about what tomato variety you select and then try again if pleased, and how you plant and care for the tomato. Whether your tomatoes are ready to bloom or you … Continue reading