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Want To Grow The Plants You Eat?

Beth Preheim is an experienced gardener. She currently gardens with a small space garden at the community gardens and has plant containers at home. She has suggestions for successful gardening, how she deals with garden pests, and when she begins and continues planting. See her interview at the link below. Preheim liked the challenge of … Continue reading

Community Garden Conversation With Coral Huber

Coral is a gardener you’d hope to have your plot located near at the community gardens. She’s a skilled gardener. Her amazing peppers this season included these Alma Paprika that are turning red in this photo. She dries them for spice in her food dehydrator. In her feature, she describes ways she uses concrete reinforcing … Continue reading

Spring Plant Tips

Jay Gurney, owner and nurseryman of Yankton Nurseries LLC, 2000 Ferdig Ave., is hoping we see temperatures and moisture closer to normal this season. “We have plants here at the nursery that are suitable for our region and are hardened or adjusted to our climate,” Gurney said. • Trees and shrubs had a hard time … Continue reading