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Local Veggie Tales

One of the activities common to all gardeners of the region this season is weeding. Dan Friedenbach combats weeds with extraordinary means in this abandoned community garden plot. The water-permeable weed barrier, held in place with plastic stakes, will block sunlight from weeds beneath, warm the soil of the sweet potato plants in spring, and … Continue reading

Top This Weed

Great gardening brings weeds. A 3 feet long purslane was recently featured with the challenge to top it. Jay Gurney of Yankton Nurseries had a near forgotten area of back greenhouse he and staff were sprucing up for fall when he happened upon this stand of Large Crabgrass more than 4 feet across. Professionals remind … Continue reading

Can You Top This?

Purslane, an annual weed in South Dakota, grows in cultivated areas. It’s known for its drought resistance and grow best in hot weather, storing water in its succulent stems. Seeds from tiny flowers where leaves meet the stem, insure more purslane for next year. This plant is 28 inches across, can stay days uprooted without … Continue reading