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Regional Plant-Related Event

Value Added Ag Day at the State Fair Aug 31 YANKTON, S.D. – The Value Added Agriculture Development Center (VAADC) invites you to attend the 18thAnnual Value Added Agriculture Center Day at the South Dakota State Fair in Huron, SD on Thursday, Aug. 31 from 9:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. South Dakota’s value added agriculture industry will showcase … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

Greenhouse, Gardens & Chefs Tour in Rapid City, SD Aug 27 YANKTON, S.D. – The South Dakota Specialty Producers Association has coordinated four upcoming tours featuring specialty crops, meats and value-added products. The next tours and programs are scheduled for Aug. 27 featuring produce production, greenhouses, and chef meal and presentation in the Rapid City region. … Continue reading

July ‘Fresh from the Garden’

When local garden produce is abundant, it helps to consider how to select the best of the crop to eat and have new ways to prepare the food. Chef Staci Pederson of the Yankton Hy-Vee Food Store shares her culinary skills in this week’s Plant Exchange Blog. See Chef Staci’s suggestions for selecting and preparing … Continue reading

Grow Plants Well So They Produce Well

Vegetable and flower gardens are growing, but there’s always a spot that could use a second planting, such as space that opens after radishes are done in hot weather. LaDawn Remington of Yankton is an experienced gardener who shares how she grows plants from seed so they are healthy and yield produce. This is a … Continue reading

June ‘Fresh from the Garden’

Welcome to our Plant Exchange!  We’re thinking about easy summer days. Can’t you just picture yourself leaning back against a tree in the shade, watching this before you? Summer is made for easy days. We’re featuring what to do with garden produce this week. Summer food matches these easy days with fewer scheduled events and … Continue reading

Controlling Weeds in Perennial Beds

Welcome to Plant Exchange! We’re indoors much of the day this week with the first heat wave of spring. This is some of what June is made for:  A country outing. Fine tuning an old friend. A couple of geese and their kid out with a friend. Not for weeds! Alas; procrastination is why I’m … Continue reading

It’s June

  Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. A new month in growing season is here! Around us we see beautiful gardens at the local community garden. Beans up, potatoes growing and  many transplants in. In fact, that thinking ahead was the inspiration of this harvest photo. But here at Plant Exchange, it’s time to be realistic. … Continue reading

Growing Micro-Greens

Not so fresh salads of early spring and wish to plant something were reason enough to try growing salads indoors. Find a site with enough light to sustain growth of young plants. Artificial lights work, but not as well as sunlight in a south-facing window. Later in the season when sunlight is more direct, an … Continue reading

Sprouts Are Easy, Fresh Greens

Spring is here at Plant Exchange! Fresh greens are a treat anytime, but especially after winter. Greens that you grow yourself are even better. Find out how easy and fast it is to grow sprouts of all kinds for your own sign of spring. Alfalfa sprouts are mild to the taste and grow in about … Continue reading