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Keeping the Ability to See Nature’s Beauty

Thank you for visiting Plant Exchange. We are so fortunate to have loyal “Followers” and many who send us “Likes” and occasional comments. In over three years of our weekly posts, we have lots of plant topics and gardeners and other plant professionals featured here. Neil and Karen Faerber of Yankton have a country home … Continue reading

Partners Make Landscape Happen

When Yankton area Boys & Girls Club officials and Keep Yankton Beautiful board members work together for the good of youth, a needed project gets done. Picture Left: Jill Paulson is unit director of Yankton area Boys & Girls Club and beside her, Vanessa Merhib, executive director of Boys & Girls Club. Not pictured is … Continue reading

Kouri Creates Home Yard Design

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. Today we’re treated to see a yard design that is years in the making. Greg and Jill Kouri of Yankton have created a yard to enhance their historic registry Craftsman style home. The yard was one of six featured in a 2017 lawn and garden tour sponsored by Missouri Valley … Continue reading

Hoffart Grows What He Likes

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. Today we get to see how a horticulturist designs his own yard! Horticulturist Stan Hoffart of Yankton has a special interest in trees and perennials and how plants fit in a space. He uses his own yard as a canvas. Missouri Valley Master Gardeners selected his yard for one of … Continue reading

Build a Butterfly Garden

Thanks for taking a moment to visit Plant Exchange Blog where we feature plants of the Northern Plains and people who grow them. You might think that building a butterfly garden costs a lot of money or time. It’s really about noticing your surroundings and including factors that draw butterflies and other pollinators so that … Continue reading

It’s Not Just Dirt

Soil in which you grow plants is vital to a thriving plant. Replacing the soil might seem to be the remedy for compacted soil, lack of topsoil, or contaminated soil. In fact, for plants to thrive, they need the network of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and tiny animals that help supply the plants with … Continue reading

Great Place to Share Flowers

Marlene Johnson chooses lots of color in the annuals for her planters and in her flowerbeds. Her generosity extends to her welcoming yard, highlighted with color next to the street for all to enjoy. While she says she’s no master gardener, her plant methods show her skills. You’re invited to her yard where she shows … Continue reading

Not Your Ordinary Garden Design

Welcome to Plant Exchange where we share about plants and the people who grow them. This week’s topic was a happy find. The program for the International Master Gardener Conference in Council Bluffs last September overflowed with horticulture information. I attended the Piet Oudolf, plant designer session by mistake. Piet Oudolf, who lives in the … Continue reading

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog where we share about plants of the region and people who grow them. We learn a lot from observing our plants as they grow but with so many factors impacting the plant, it gets complicated. Farmers follow soil temperature changes like rain forecasts. As gardeners, it is easy … Continue reading