Goals for the Garden Season

Before the daffodils bloom and the first turn of the soil, I consider a shortlist of what I aim for this gardening season. 

  1. Add More Native Plants  

They are more adapted to the environment and thrive year to year, require less watering once established, and are more likely to benefit pollinators and other wildlife.

  • More Foliage, Less Flowers

For a few yard areas, choose more décor plants for foliage than flowers. This season’s focus will be the front entrance, which has both sun and shade areas.

Leaves can be hardier in changeable weather and usually last the season. Choosing plants with texture and color in mind is a fun challenge.

  • Less Soil Disruption

This continuing goal in the third year is to plant with the least amount of digging to preserve the soil. Decomposing leaves cover the vegetable garden. Wood mulch covers most of the flowerbeds. These and other covers soften the surface for planting and provide organic material that nourishes plants.

Over the years, if the garden has more perennials than annuals, if some of the plants thrive,

if pollinators visit, and I can hear birds singing, I will be pleased with gardening.

You are welcome to share a goal you are trying this gardening season. While this writer declares aims, it doesn’t mean she will meet them all. The joy is in the trying!

What are you planning for your garden this season?

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