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Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–February 15th

Most animals are smarter than we give them credit, including wild turkeys near our country home. The temperature was -26 degrees F.  this morning. These turkeys break their daily pattern on worn trails through fields on cold, snowy days.  They walk on less vehicle-traveled roads instead of slogging through snow. You came to Plant Exchange on the … Continue reading

Bring On the Annuals!

We’re attracted to colorful blooms when we visit area greenhouses. We want annuals that fit our color and size interest and match our growing conditions. Horticulturist Lisa Kortan has been planting annuals as well as other plants for the City of Yankton for years. She selects the flowers that bloom all summer on the main … Continue reading

What Are Your ‘Tried & True’ Flowers?

Blanket flower (Gaillardia pulchella) is one of my summer favorite flowers as a colorful perennial. Member of the sunflower family, it grows to about 2 x 2 ft. branching plant that feeds butterflies. Once established, Blanket flower is low maintenance and tolerant of dry, hot summers and is resistant to deer and rabbits in this … Continue reading

What Are Your ‘Tried & True’ Flowers?

Butterfly weed ( Asclepias tuberosa) blooms here in USDA Zone 4 – 5a about mid summer and autumn. It’s one of my favorites because, once established, collected seed may be sown for more plants to complete the cycle right in the yard. Shrub- like two – three foot plant attracts butterflies to its orange flowers. … Continue reading

Photo Show Inspires Floral Art Designs

Floral designer Audrea Hecht of Pied Piper Flowers in Yankton SD designed this arrangement inspired by Jeanie Shafer’s photography entry ‘Shore Hold’ in the 2012 Mighty Mo’ Photo Show.