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Regional Plant-Related Event

Loess Hills Wild Ones Plant Specimen Preservation Techniques Saturday, July 9th, 8:00-3:00pm But, we’re writing you today with a unique opportunity, limited to just 20 participants: Plant  Specimen Preservation Techniques.  You may recall hearing about collecting and preserving plants for herbariums at a couple of our programs earlier this year.  People seemed very interested in the process, so we’re … Continue reading

Peonies’ “Repeated Refrains of Nature”

We’re watching our perennials begin to grow this slow-to-warm spring. Peonies (Hardiness Zone 3-8) are among the earliest herbaceous perennials to emerge from winter. We saw their red stems about the time daffodils bloomed.   Green leaves unfurl later as the warming sun shines several days in a row and rains fall. Finally, the plant … Continue reading

Black-eyed Susans and other Rudbeckias

Black-eyed Susans grow in lots of yards in this USDA zone 4-5a region. The perennial, full-sun, yellow flower mounds appear by summer and bloom into fall. Their bold color and easy maintenance make them attractive for borders.  Black-eyed Susans and other Rudbeckias are featured this week as attractive, hardy North American native plants with large … Continue reading

More About Container Sunflowers

Sunflowers are known for the sterile yellow, red, orange, or purple ray flowers and the seed and pollen-producing disc flowers.  Helianthus annuus, in bloom as fall approaches in this region, is found in vacant lots and along road rights-of-way. Most sunflowers are annuals that may re-seed.  Sunflowers are native to the North and South American … Continue reading

Flowers in Hot Weather

We can hardly wait for spring in our Northern Plains region! It’s not uncommon to have lots of cool and erratic temperatures during spring, this year included. Now, as summer begins, the unseasonal sweltering days with little rain stress perennial vines like clematis. Its roots flourish with supplemental soil watering and mulch to slow moisture … Continue reading

Bring On the Annuals!

We’re attracted to colorful blooms when we visit area greenhouses. We want annuals that fit our color and size interest and match our growing conditions. Horticulturist Lisa Kortan has been planting annuals as well as other plants for the City of Yankton for years. She selects the flowers that bloom all summer on the main … Continue reading

What Are Your ‘Tried & True’ Flowers?

Blanket flower (Gaillardia pulchella) is one of my summer favorite flowers as a colorful perennial. Member of the sunflower family, it grows to about 2 x 2 ft. branching plant that feeds butterflies. Once established, Blanket flower is low maintenance and tolerant of dry, hot summers and is resistant to deer and rabbits in this … Continue reading

What Are Your ‘Tried & True’ Flowers?

Butterfly weed ( Asclepias tuberosa) blooms here in USDA Zone 4 – 5a about mid summer and autumn. It’s one of my favorites because, once established, collected seed may be sown for more plants to complete the cycle right in the yard. Shrub- like two – three foot plant attracts butterflies to its orange flowers. … Continue reading