Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October 15th

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog about plants and people who grow them. Today, and around the 15th of each month is “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.” We show you what illustrates the beauty of plants at this time.

In South Dakota we are in USDA Zone 4-5a, and some would say a wider range of climate hardiness than that.  Here we’ve had a first frost but some flowers continue.

Near daybreak, colors of Autumn are beginning to appear.


Our region is one of plains and trees.  Plains of native grasses and cropland or rangeland are dominant and trees are luxuries along creeks and rivers.  Lewis & Clark Recreation Area along the Missouri River has trees  and grasses beginning to turn colors.


The state park has many manicured areas such as this view of maple trees.


Not a sampling of native grasses at the park but merely a few steps from the vehicle, just a curious visitor like me can see an array of grasses also turning their muted colors. This clump of Indian grass with its feather like head is an example.


At this time of year we begin to see silhouettes that will add to the texture of winter.


Grasses and where they are found always gives me a sense of wonder, such as this stand of little bluestem in light.


Switchgrass (left) and the little bluestem (right) provide wildlife with shelter and food. as well as the beauty of the season.


The park probably isn’t in full color yet, but everywhere you look there is beauty.


A trademark plant of this region is the cottonwood tree, soon to be gold.  Another trademark is the staghorn sumac. Stands of sumac, taller than a person, accent areas of the park with red. Sumac greeted the Lewis Clark expedition here centuries ago as they explored north to find a route to the Pacific Ocean.


Thanks for a look at beauty here this month. Please look around at topics that interest you here at Plant Exchange. If you are ready to see what’s a bloom in Indianapolis and around the world, go to Carol Michael’s MayDreams Gardens link:

At the end of her blog on October 15th, you will see a list of links to bloggers’ sites in many countries and across the United State waiting to show you beauty this day.




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