Thoughts About Garden Photos

Paul Harens is a retired Yankton High School language arts and social studies teacher who now has time to learn more about photography. His interest in plants goes back to childhood and he combines gardening and preserving what he sees.

Harens is self-taught but also learns from others in the Yankton Area Photography Club. His approach is see what you like  to photograph and find out how to improve. He’s had photos displayed at local art galleries and Scott Luken’s studio.

For more about Harens and some suggestions he provides to gardeners who want to document the beauty they see in their gardens, this article recently appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:

These are his photographs that Paul Harens shares to illustrate his points. He says to pick a single subject and try different angles for the shot. “Please yourself first” is his motto to the beginning photographer. Harens makes specialty cards with his photographs. These are available at the Yankton G. A. R. Hall on Douglas Ave.

Rainy day rose


Purple tulips in backyard

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