2 thoughts on “Jars Of Jam

  1. Two years ago, I grew garden huckleberries for the first time in the home garden. Huckleberries produced well and made jars and jars of jam. I proudly gave the huckleberry jam as gifts to friends and family who graciously received them. But before last growing season, I counted seven jars of the huckleberry jam that still remained in the cupboard. Out the window I saw orioles exhausted from migration and ready to build nests. The birds swooped by, checking on the status of the yet unfilled grape jelly oriole feeder. Jam came to mind, so the huckleberry jam mounds glistened in the feeder. A few days later, no orioles in sight, I took another jar of the jam out to the feeder. No orioles hovered nearby. The mounds of huckleberry jam remained untouched. I removed the seedy jam, cleaned the feeder, and refilled it with grape jelly. In less than a blink, orioles bobbed up and down at the feeder. With apologies to friends and family, no huckleberries were planted last season! Ironically, heat and drought last season resolved minor complaints of abundance.

  2. I wonder if they didn’t like the seeds, which seems strange. I’ve tried grape jelly here in town, but I haven’t attracted any orioles.

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