Rain Makes All The Difference

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Enough rain makes all the difference. This region has had drought in the past, so we have experienced a bit of the pinch that other areas are living through now. We hope they get relief soon.

Rain comes here in small and big packages. At our house, the runoff from a rainstorm sends water down our driveway. Two years ago my husband tackled this issue. To help with the water puddled near our garage, he removed some soil beside the driveway, added sand and a culvert and planted a rain garden. It’s a beautiful way to use the excess water. Perennials such as yarrow and milkweed are in full bloom at this time.


Mulberry tree fruit are still in great supply. We’ve had lots of treats as we work in the yard. One of the best treats is eating mulberries mixed with morning raindrops. Deer enjoy eating the fruit that drops on a windy day.


One of the delights of rain is the mud available to local barn swallows. We watched as the pair flew back and forth with tiny morsels of mud and thatch to build their nest under our garage roof. Now the female warms the eggs. Soon the pair will bring mosquitos to the young and they will learn to fly. So go our summer days.


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