Chef Staci’s September ‘Fresh From The Garden’

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange where we share about plants of the greater region and people who grow them. Some of the plants featured here are hardier than the USDA Zone 4-5a.

Some gardeners like to try “edge-of-zone” plants for their area, so you will find gardeners who share in Plant Exchange about their successes of plants new to the region and trials that didn’t work for them.

Of course there are variables like soil composition and soil health and water supplements to rain and other conditions that impact how plants grow in this region. That’s part of the challenge to people who like plants.

We hope you’ll find topics you like and will “Follow” us so you don’t miss a post. Thanks for all the “Likes” that tell us you appreciate Plant Exchange.

Here’s some of our garden produce. We grow vegetables and fruit within a fence, under a row cover and in containers on our deck.


This week a local chef gives us new ways for preparing garden produce. This ends a series of 5 ‘fresh from the garden’ posts that you will find among the list of posts in the right column on your Plant Exchange page.

Garden variety of produce recently reached its peak in our region. Chef Staci Pederson at Yankton Hy-Vee shares preparation tips and recipes for apples, winter squash, eggplant, watermelon and carrots. Her eggplant pizza looks especially creative for a healthy vegetable with harder-to- find recipes.

See her preparation tips and recipes here:


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