Earth Awakens

First signs of spring are the most memorable. It makes winter yard clean up almost fun! Finding a perennial that emerges to grow again fills me with hope.

In this world, being among the first is a kind of vulnerability that many plants avoid. After all, here at Plant Exchange Blog, we will probably reach a high of 47 degrees F. today and freezing temperatures are still expected for six weeks. Few deciduous trees have beginning leaves.

That makes the sight of the returning Hellebore or Lenten Rose all the more amazing. Soon its blooms will open.


For bulbs planted last fall, Snowdrops are cheery and did open on a snowy day.  Daffodils in the yard are three or so inches tall and not blooming yet.


Indoors, we’re beginning to start some transplants that take longer than tomatoes and peppers to germinate and grow. This is satisfying work at home.


Less than a week since beginning a few starter plants, we relish the first sign of green.


This salad mixture, grown in a re-used plastic salad bin is ready for the first harvest. We’ll add them to crunchy Romaine lettuce for a variety of flavors.


We at Plant Exchange Blog hope these days are beneficial for you and others.


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