Front Entrance–Aim for attractive and functional

By mid-July, the annual and perennial plantings are established and provide texture and color to the front entrance area.


The north-facing entrance and small patio area have late afternoon shade complemented by a nearby Japanese maple tree. A bit of green space under the tree, foundation plantings, especially near the entrance, and movable planters add living material to soften a prominent cement driveway.

With a white or green plant color base, it’s simple to add more colors or move planters to change the colors later in the season.  For now, we feature pink flowers with white.


The English ivy is coiled around a topiary plant structure and leaves fill in over months.  It is used for indoor and outdoor décor. Outdoors, leaves respond well to moisture when wetted in watering the plant.


The video shows options with plants in the entrance area as we aim to enhance this outdoor space.

This video doesn’t exist

We welcome your ideas for entrance area plants and how they are arranged.

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