Gardener Benefits of Staying Home

Staying home allows us the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of yardwork. It’s a pleasant morning to enjoy nature here at Plant Exchange blog and a second cup of coffee on the deck.


The feel and result of the prairie breeze is a feature that second nature in this region. Grasses move in harmony with air. For some, watching that movement adds to the enjoyment of the landscape.

In this country setting, some plants are better grown on the deck to exclude wildlife such as deer, rabbits, and raccoons, to name a few. Lettuce is an example. Having the plants close at hand for harvest is an advantage at mealtime.

The deck can also be a staging place for young plants until they bloom, and containers are moved to a spot for color. Sometimes plants are of less food interest to wildlife as mature plants in their new setting.

A deck is a place to see plants up close. This morning, the dew formed jewel droplets on these sunflower leaves.


Do join us on the deck for a short video to see plants around us and in various stages of growth in mid-July. It’s a beautiful day.

This video doesn’t exist

You’re welcome to share your gardening benefits of staying at home. Thanks for your visit this day.



3 thoughts on “Gardener Benefits of Staying Home

  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the video. Will you use your lemongrass at the end of the season? It is a wonderful addition to the kitchen also.

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