Wildflower Garden Thoughts

Lots to consider when growing wildflower seeds so that the plants are suitable for your setting. After thinking about seed mixtures of the region or USDA Zone, what are some other options?

Monarch City U.S.A. sign marks a Yankton butterfly plot on a walking trail east of the community gardens and dog park in the city. Robust eye-level monarda, black-eyed Susans, and common milkweed are presently in bloom there. The showy plot is a few yards from the trail along a creek bank. Flowers are bounded by mown grass and draw many kinds of pollinators for the public interest. Today, bees are at work.


An irregular surface hillside, steep in places, is part of the yard at Plant Exchange. To avoid mowing and counter erosion, short Buffalo and fescue grasses were sown here. A mixture of short wildflower seeds was later evenly cast on the hillside to resemble a natural meadow.


Near the bottom of the hillside where some seeds gravitate, and moisture is more abundant the wildflowers cluster.


Upland on the hillside, wildflowers grow in a more evenly distributed pattern.


Some wildflower seed company selections are intended as detail as you walk by.


Other wildflowers are more boldly colored and are visible at a distance.


Have you tried growing wildflowers? What are your experiences?










2 thoughts on “Wildflower Garden Thoughts

  1. Beautiful! We don’t have any wildflower places like this. I do have a garden with natural pollinators though, and I love it! These are lovely!!

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

  2. Wildflowers in chaparral climates are more ephemeral if not irrigated. California poppy has potential to bloom for a long season, but does not naturally do so if it must rely on seasonal rain. Desert wildflowers, including the same California poppy, are even more brief in bloom. They are worth it though.

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