Dibbles and Bits

Parks, leaf color, and busy wild turkeys are topics today at Plant Exchange Blog as Autumn transition continues.

Parks may add an important nature experience because more than 83% of Americans live in a city. Brooklyn Bridge Park of 85 acres along New York City’s East River is featured in the September/October 2022 Horticulture Magazine. Landscape challenges included concrete shipping piers on wooden pilings. Designers wanted a multi-use park of expansive lawns and ball fields, but also a place with some plant habitat of the area that would draw birds and butterflies. Since the project began in 2010, the site has matured and now welcomes migrating and overwintering wildlife. It’s a year-round experience for people in a city. The article is available for browsing at the Yankton Community Library.

In Yankton, South Dakota, Westside Park entrance has some pond and hardscape renovations nearing completion that will be dedicated soon, thanks to city, institutional, private and neighborhood support. The bridge with ADA accessibility connecting the park to the island is featured. Other renovations and uses for the mature park continue to evolve. Of botanic interest, already several beds of ornamental grasses and water-edge plantings are installed.  Plant roots will add stabilization along the incline of the pond bank and soften the stones and cement block structure.

Fall leaf color has been a welcome and brief celebration. As we know, this region’s growing season was drier and warmer than usual, and the drought continues. Some maple trees have dry gray/green leaves, while other maples have turned orange, or partly red. A few days after the photo, this maple is bare.

The sound of Aspen leaves paddling against each other is somewhat like that of cottonwood leaves. This aspen seemed to turn yellow overnight, but then promptly lost its leaves on a windy day.

Some cottonwood trees still have leaves for beauty and leaves to shuffle through by the lake, as this one at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area.

Wild turkeys don’t care about fall transition. They are canvassing the now dormant lawn for seeds. Why not? The sun is shining, and the flock has each other.

Thanks for your visit. Safe week ahead!

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